Our Process

Whiskey Tango is a certified Cerakote applicator and believes Cerakote coating application should only be carried out by the professionals. The perfect application of Cerakote and Duracoat is 80% prep work.

Our disassembly process is more than just a field trip. We go beyond that and take apart every movable piece of the gun. This includes every pin and spring. With the firearm completely stripped down to its bare naked parts it is ready to prep for Cerakote.

The pieces are de-greased and then “Off-Gassed” by heating up the parts to get any latent oil (that could interfere with the Cerakote) out of the surface and any nooks and crannies. This step is repeated until ready for blasting. Once the part has off-gassed we completely sand-blast the surface and strip off any of the original finish and create a “blast profile” in the surface. This allows the Cerakote to hold directly onto the surface.

Then the part is then coated with Cerakote. Applied correctly it has about 1 mil of thickness. This will give you a durable finish without interfering in the function of the firearm or item.

Cerakote is then usually oven-baked at different temperatures depending on the material of the parts until it is cured. Then it is back to assembly and or delivery. Please see our disassembly reassembly disclaimer (file attached). Heat sensitive parts (or if high temp protection is needed…) can be coated with Cerakote high-temp air cure products.

Turnaround Time

Single color work is usually done in 1 to 2 weeks. Multicolor/stencil work: 2 to 3 weeks. This would be without encountering any delays. Delays can be caused by off-gassing/degreasing, during gunsmith work or worn or broken parts to name a few.


All firearms must be DETAIL stripped. This is much more than a “field strip” or what you would do for cleaning. Frames and parts must be BARE before we can begin. This means removing every pin, spring, touch point…etc. Smithing charges are directly tied to the difficulty of the firearm. Example: a Glock is a faster and cheaper smithing fee than say a Beretta 92FS. Smithing fees are usually $20-60.