Graphite Black

H-146Q: The most popular satin black.

Armor Black

H-190Q: Flattest black we offer. Almost a chalky look.

Chocolate Brown

H-258Q: A dark brown.

Barrett Bronze

H-259Q: A dark bronze.

AI Dark Earth

H-250Q: A dark chocolate brown.

Federal Brown

H-212Q: Medium Dark Brown.

Burnt Bronze

H-148Q: Medium light bronze with light gold metallic.

Patriot Brown

H-226Q: Medium dark brown.

McMillan Tan

H-203Q: Medium tan.

Desert Sand

H-199Q: One of the most popular lightest tans.

Coyote Tan

H-235Q: One of the most popular medium dark tans.

MP Flat Dark Earth

H-267Q: A shade darker than flat dark earth.

Mil Spec OD Green

H-240Q: Dark olive drab green.

Mil Spec Green

H-264Q: Dark olive drab green.

OD Green

H-236Q: Medium olive drab green.

MP Foliage Green

H-231Q: Light olive drab green.

Highland Green

H-200Q: Medium green.

MultiCam Green

H-204Q: Medium green.

Noveske Bazooka

H-189Q: A vintage army green.

Desert Verde

H-256Q: Light olive tan with more of a green hue than Desert Sage H-247.

Zombie Green

H-168Q: A bright ‘monster’ green.

SIG Dark Grey

H-210Q: Dark grey/green.

Sniper Grey

H-234Q: Dark grey with blueish tint.


H-237Q: Dark Graphite Grey.

Tactical Grey

H-227Q: Medium dark grey with very fine metallic.

S&W Grey

H-214Q: Standard medium grey.


H-170Q: Natural titanium look with fine metallic.


Custom grey closest to Smith & Wesson Grey.

Crushed Silver

H-255Q: A shiny silver.

Snow White

H-136Q: A bright snowy white.


H-221Q: Brownish brick red.

S&W Red

H-216Q: Standard red.


H-167Q: A bright red.

SIG Pink

H-224Q: A warm berry pink.

Prison Pink

H-141Q: Very bright rich pink.

Bazooka Pink

H-244Q: Very light pink.

Hunter Orange

H-128Q: A bright orange, commonly found as a safety color on hunting gear.


H-122Q: A rich gold.

Corvette Yellow

H-144Q: A canary hot rod yellow.

Electric Yellow

H-166Q: A Bright Yellow.

JJ Civil Defense

H-401Q: A rich medium slate blue.

Blue Titanium

H-185Q: Medium blue grey.

NRA Blue

H-171Q: A rich medium blue.

Robins Egg

H-175Q: This light teal blue offers a terrific, classy finish.