Through the centuries, firearms have had their special place in the hearts of many freedom loving Americans. From the beautifully made hunting rifle that literally brought home dinner to the avid sportsman’s tricked out AR of today, these firearms are themselves a work of art.

The best firearms were made with the most intelligent designs of their time, their smiths perfecting every detail and milling their parts with the utmost precision. Here at Whiskey Tango Firearms we are carrying on the tradition of craftsmanship in the unique ways we customize and protect the firearms we work with.

The customization and modification of a personal firearm is a very satisfying and rewarding process. Whiskey Tango Firearms specializes in the certified application of Cerakote and Duracoat thin film ceramic coating technology. We really do look at what we do as an art form and never get bored designing new non-traditional pieces or saluting the vintage vibe through more classical finishes.

We have the professionalism, knowledge and know how to help you find and create the perfect custom finish for your firearm. Get inspired. Our custom finishings have a way of making our customers fall in love with their firearms all over again. We encourage you to learn more about the quality paints by Cerakote and Duracoat and check out our gallery to view our latest work.